All About Ruth

Ruth Eglash

Ruth is a correspondent for The Washington Post in the Middle East. Working together with the Bureau Chief, she helps to cover issues relating to Israel, the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Syria and Turkey.

She is a regular contributor to The Washington Post’s World View Blogs and often tweets from the region.

Previously, Ruth worked as a freelancer for a wide variety of international news outlets, including USA Today, Christian Science Monitor and Search for Common Ground News Service.

Additionally, she is a former reporter and social media editor for The Jerusalem Post, where she worked to boost the paper’s outreach on social media platforms and encourage the editorial staff to embrace and utilize new media.

During her time at The Jerusalem Post, Ruth wrote a bi-monthly column New Media Rules!, which covered a variety of topics, including the trends and developments in social media.

For six years, Ruth also wrote about social welfare issues in Israel, focusing on the country’s religious and ethnic minorities and its relationship with countries in the wider region.

Ruth is also a certified Media Trainer and often runs workshops for younger journalists.

Born and raised in London, England, Ruth spent three years at Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds University where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Media and History.

In 2010, Ruth became the first co-recipient of the X-Cultural Reporting Awards bestowed by the United Nation’s Alliance of Civilizations and the International Center for Journalists, awarded for her joint reporting efforts with Jordanian journalist Hani Hazaimeh of The Jordan Times.





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